Here i m writing some basic hindi sentences...memorize them and try to use these sentences when speaking to me or any other hindi speaking person. later i will tell u more sentences, words and rules for making hindi sentences.

Hello= Namastey;

How r u?= aap kaisi hain (when asking to a girl)/ aap kaisey hain (when asking to a boy);

Wat is ur name= aapka naam kya hai? (same wether asking to a boy or girl);

Wat is ur profession? = aap kya karti hain (when asking to a girl)/ aap kya kartey hain (when asking to a boy);

My name is vishal= mera naam vishal hai. (wether u r a girl or boy it doesn't matter...just change ur name in the sentence).

I am an engineer = mai ek engineer hoon. (same for girl and boy)

Where do u live? = aap kahaan rahti hain (when asking to a girl)/ aap kahaan rahtey hain (when asking to a boy)

I live in delhi = mai delhi me rahta hoon ( if u r a boy)/ mai delhi me rahti hoon (if u r a girl)

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we say : namastey and not namaste ?

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