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Hi all.

So for my May holiday I went to Serena Village for a week and wow what a place! New build condos, pool, well kept outside areas. My friend and I went to the showroom to enquire about purchasing a unit and we discovered its about $120 a month in dues which I think is quite substantial considering the units cost from $69,000 to buy!

So I was wondering, does anyone know of any other lowish cost developments? In the Punta Cana (not so much in the tourist areas) and La Romana?

I've tried to search online but haven't really come up with a lot of answers. Part of me wants a house with a back garden etc but as I won't be at the property constantly I've been told (on my previous post on this site) it's best to have a condo.

Thanks in advance :-)


You are still going to be better off with a condo if you are not here all of the time.

$120 a month condo fee is not out of line and in fact quite reasonable for a new modern complex.  Remember this fee has to cover outside maintenance, community electricity for street lights, pool pumps, Security (a big expense), administration costs, usually garbage disposal, water for the complex and units and more

Bob K

I agree with Bob on this. Some things are really expensive here.

Planner thats the world I'm looking for EXPENSIVE! I cannot believe its $120 monthly its outrageous. OK fine the price of the condo is amazingly cheap but still its a big fee. In the Philippines its roughly $1 per sqm, so a significant discount. But on the flip side the real estate in the DR is cheaper  :D

But back to my original question :-) Does anyone know of any new developmets in the Punta Cana/La Romana area?

Nope I don't know any. Most development in that area is targeted at the wealthier segment of the market.

There are quite a few, some are very large projects.
You could check with PC and la Romana realtors.

Hi thanks for your reply :-) I would do but unfortunately I'm in the UK and unable to do so. Ive been online but can't find any planned developers.

So much  does not appear online! It always amazes me!  Mikkey do you speak spanish? Google search in spanish if you can and see what you find.  A lot of the newer developments are targeted at local and South American tourists.  That might help you.

You can also try Craigslist.

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