Hola, I have CHASE as my bank in US. I told them that ATM, and exchange rates were killers… up to $14 per transaction. Chase responded by waiving $3.00 ATM, on my last three transactions.
I have also found a person that will take a personal check, and pay me in BZD, or US funds avoiding all banking fees😊. US currency gets a better exchange rate in Guatemala.

The ASW Mastercard will be available in 120 countries, You can transfer $2500 card to card for $3. up to 10k per day. To stay globally compliant they are leading with financial education and depending on the package the international Master Card is given for free.
Gold 1 card Diamond 3 cards or Platinum 7 cards.  Master Card is sharing 50% of the transactions fees too.

Hello Cochise
Don't you find risky to give a check someone in exchange of cash

Good Morning,
No I do not, and why should I? She has the check, and I have cash.

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