Requirements for Specialist Doctors (Surgeons) in Oman

Hi All

What is the work experience Requirement for Specialist doctors like Surgeons with 1 year experience

I intend to bring my wife next month and I am not sure what are the Experience criteria for Specialists to write the Prometric exam. I have gone through different websites which is giving me General Practitioner experince requirements only.

If anyone is aware of the exact criterion please let me know

Hi Sevu,
             To work as a specialist doctor ( Surgeon) you require min 3 years post PG Experience. else you can only apply for GP level licence .
Hope this helps
                                                                                                                                    Dr Parag

Hi... I too had a similar query. Is it possible for pathologist to work without 3 years experience as junior specialist or specialist grade H or medical officer in pathology?

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