Mirador San Jose

Anyone familiar with this project? Anyone have any first hand experience, or reviews? Was looking at something completely unrelated, and happened to find some videos of this project. Isn't that old of a project. Started in 2009, but looks really well planned out, and appears to be progressing quite nicely. Here is a few videos. First video is just a boring ride down the street, but can see that they have the majority of the roads paved, and the infrastructure in. The second is a video of their soccer field with track around it. Am not really interested in soccer, but the field looks really well done. Also going to link the home website address. Couple of things of interest to me was they have their own recycling center, and they use the organic waste for compost to fertilize all the plants on site. All residents have a bio-digester system "All waste is controlled using a bio-digester system at every household. The system treats the waste and is combined with the household grey water to irrigate your grass and trees on your property." More than 5000 trees have been planted. These are a couple of the things that I find appealing.

On paper, and from videos this looks like a pretty darn nice project. Odd that a project this big seems to have relatively little publicity? Am I missing something, or does this project look pretty nice to other folks?

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