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Date: Saturday 27 August 2016 

(i) ROUND 1 - coffee
- Time: 4pm-6.00pm
- Venue: High Land Coffee @ 1st floor, 181 Hàm Nghi St, District 1 – opposite Ben Thanh Market
- Offer: drinks, cakes, breads, sandwiches etc.
- Price range: 10k vnd to 80k vnd
(*) No advance registration is needed, please go upstairs, look for the sign, say hi to the group with your smile and join us
(*) For those who drive motorbike, please bring extra helmet if any; for those who don’t drive motorbike, please also bring your own helmet if any

(ii) ROUND 2 - dinner
- Time: 6.30pm-8.00pm
- Venue:  Cocochin food court, 77 Nguyen Hue Blvd, Dist 1,HCMC
- Offer: Vietnamese, Thai, Vegetarian with almost 20 famous brands
- Price range: 30k vnd to 150k vnd

(iii) ROUND 3 – entertainment
- Time: 8.00pm - no battery
- Activity: Hunting pokemon activities along Nguyen Hue walking street
- Price : Burn your calories and up your Pokemongo level

See you all

Hello Richard Loo

Do not forget to create an Event about it. can help by sharing the event with expat members registered on the HCM forum.

Send me the link of the event once done :top:

Thank you


Thanks for the reminder. Will do. Cheers

Hi, Richard

Unfortunately I have been always out of SG at same time of your event. I really want to join with you guys but maybe next times, hmm I also want to suggest one activity of the entertainment . Could we consider about bowling ball game for next time? ^.^ :D. I think it will be so fun :top:

Are you kidding me.  I am looking at expatting in Vietnam to get my wife away from Pokemonning and it is part of your activities????

It is just a fun walk.around for everyone. Sorry if you do not approve of that. It might even rain and may not happen. Then we will go to a coffee house high above nearby building. Everyone should apply self control with this game.
Fyi  I already stop playing. Hope to see you around..cheers

oops you sent a P/m to markinnam when you mean for Richard Loo

I missed this event, oops as I am a newbie to the forum, text me for offline event next time. Hope to get across with you gals soon

Hi Richard,

How are you? It seems like there's no more expat monthly gathering since Aug2016? Can you please advise!

Thanks :-)

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