Would like to play Table Tennis! Any players interested?


My name is José and I am living in Doha.

I like to play Table Tennis and I want to know if are groups that play here in Doha, or if there are players interested in playing with other people.
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José Airoso

i am happy we have a tennis table at work :D

Hello :cheers:

To reach out to other Table tennis players in Doha, I invite you to drop an advert in the following section of the site :

> Sport partners in Doha


Hey man. I'm up for it. I gave up on work colleagues! Where do you usually play?

We have a nice table in the game room at the Al Rayyan Oasis housing complex on Al Rayyan Road.
We could set up a night for you to come out here and we could play if you would like. I am average player.


Thanks for the invite Blaine,
I'm down for that. I'm average myself I guess, I don't know haven't played since university but I uses to be alright.
Regards from a fellow mathematician (by degree at leaat), Actuarial Science!

Hello normally I go to the Qatar bowling center at the weekend

It could be great to play with you. Sounds good!!

Jose and Naser,

How about we pick a day or evening to get together for a little while to play ping pong and shoot some pool. Any day is good for me so what ever is good for you two. The Al Rayyan Oasis is easy to get to from Al Rayyan Rd:
Al Rayyan Oasis
The club house has a nice game room with a ping pong table and billiards and snooker tables. I know for me it would be nice to meet some new people.


I don't know man let's do first time in the bowling place and take it from there.
Are you guys up to go tonight around 7?

Sorry just now got your message Naser. Yes the bowling place will be good but I need the location. Not tonight but could any time Saturday and most any other night okay. Leaving for Thailand next Friday, so hope we can get together before then.

I've never been there either :D with Google maps and Uber it shouldn't be a problem though, I checked, just type in Bowling Center.
@Jose, do we need to book there or just walk in?

Okay, I surfed and found the place. If Jose is too good for us at ping pong we can challenge him to billiards or bowling.  ;)

Hi guys sorry but I am out this week. Next weekend is fine for me in the bowling center😉😉

Hello Guys,
Are you still playing ? I need to join .
I suggest to develop a whatsapp group for communication

Salam Naser
We are going to QBC this night are you joining ?

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I'm in. Waiting for any plans :)

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Hello friend. I realize your message is old.

Are you still interested to play table tennis?

I am looking for somebody to play with.


We have build a group now

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Hi there
I would like to join the table tennis group if possible?

send me your number of whatsapp me at *

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