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Hi i'm new here  im from philippines and i  have 2yrs old daughter i just wanna ask if is there any posible i could find a job in pp.i would like to teach english language,but im not a grad of education,i took up tourism and caregiving, my current job is financial consultant and also a secretary in a insurance company.
Is there any possible i could do my dream job in pp even i dont have any experience yet and no certification

Thanks. In advance ☺

Will your students benefit from an inexperienced unqualified teacher with poor grammar?

No , thanks for grammar , but if your talking to me I , first don't need a job second , I left USA because of bigots , and I have two beautiful black children , so I will not be taking a teaching job , thanks for kind words anyway , Fred , and this lady Cathy seems to me to have the right mind set , wanting to help , that's what it needs to be about , for some strange reason , when I indicated I did not want to be payed , they didn't seem as thrilled to have me ,

I wasn't talking to you as you hadn't posted in the thread.
The idea is nice, but you also have to think of the kids.
Teaching lousy English is little more use than teaching no English.

So many people want to teach, but they have no clue about what they're teaching.
You can't just look at what you want without considering the damage you could do when you attempt it.

I was thinking it, but you said it. I feel as if I am being mean, but the truth is that it would NOT be fair.

It is true that you lack the command of the English language that a native, SOME natives, possess. From what I have seen, no one will even consider hiring a non-native to teach English. However, I am sure there are many other ways in which you can contribute. It is wonderful that you want to make your contribution! I applaud you for that! Please do not be discouraged. The world needs people like you. There is someone out there waiting for you to come along and provide them with the help that they need. The kind of help that you are more than able to provide. God bless you young lady!

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