Ausbildung about Erziher in Germany

Hello everyone,

I'm basically a philosophy teacher but now I will soon move to Germany and I want to make an appreticeship to become a Kindergarten teacher in Germany.

Can anyone please tell me about this field that whether I need to pay tuition for trainning and studying in 3 years or not ? And Do I make an entrance exam to get into the program ?

Thank you in advances.
Have a nice day.

From what I find in the internet there is no country wide set system for such training. It varies region to region and usually takes 2 to 4 years. Maybe it would be less considering your current education. But I think a lot of the training and work possibilities will depend on how good your German is. Some Kindergartens specialize in being bilingual but you will still need German. The pay for such jobs is also not very good so one has to wonder why you would specifically want this? On the other hand there seems to be a strong demand for workers – most likely because the pay is not good.

I found multiple links over Google that give information but only in German - but maybe you can use a translation program:


Thank you so much for your reply !

I get acquaintance with working in education field so that why I want to continue this. You're right in the point that the salary won't be so high but I really think that if we love our jobs then everything's fine :)

Even I have to be honest that working with children is a new experience to me because I just taught for the college students before. But I will take a look on your suggestions.

Thank you a lot !

Have a nice day !

The skills needed for teaching college students and pre-schoolers are completely different from each other. I wonder how you come to move from one to the other?

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