Travelling to Bulgaria with a pet

We are planning to drive from Turkey to Bulgaria beginning September in order to organize some practical things before we finally move to the house we bought close to Stara Zagora.  Since we want to stay a couple of weeks we are going to take our dog with us.

Our dog has a European Pet passport.  She has a microchip.  The bloodtest related to rabies has been done and each year she gets the necessary vaccinations against rabies and other illnesses (lung infection, worms,...)
I looked up the requirements to take a pet into BG in Internet and most demand what I described we have.  However, some list also other things such as report from veterinary. All advise to contact the Bulgarian embassy in order to get up to date info.  This is what I have done already two times, but nobody seems to pay attention to my mail.

Can anybody in this group give me reliable info about what is needed to import your pet?  Or does anyone know an official address where I can be sure to get an answer on my mail?
Also, can anyone advise me if anything additional is required to take the pet out from Bulgaria to Turkey again?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help you can give me.

I am not sure with pet info, but in my experience if you want to get a response from any Bulgarian official, it is best to either call or (even better) go directly in person if you can. Emails just get ignored. (The one exception being the Bulgarian embassy in Chicago... they were amazing with their response time...) Perhaps, mail the chicago embassy and ask about pets, even if you are not coming from the US it should be similar rules?

Thanks a lot for your reply.  I will send a mail to Chicago.

I hope they reply in a timely manner :)

I received an answer already today!
Thanks again for advising.

Awesome- glad you got what you needed.

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