Swimming Classes for adults in Hamburg

Hello All,

It's a little embarrassing to ask but does anyone knows any swimming classes for adults in Hamburg or maybe somewhere i can find any private tutor ? I have a fear of swimming so i never really tried it. After coming to Germany i have realized it will be more fun on holidays if i knew how to swim. Any help will be appreciated.


I don't know of any classes, but perhaps I can offer a suggestion to get you started.
First, don't worry about learning to swim late; you'd be surprised how many people can't.
Next, splash around in the shallow end with a few mates and build up confidence. Get one or two to help you with basic strokes and you'll be swimming in no time.
Its really natural and easy once you've beaten any fear you might have.

Have fun.

Hi Rimmy,

I am new in Hamburg since January, but haven't had much time to settle yet due to working in France a lot.
I can swim, but not very well, so I would also like to find some swimming lessons to improve my technique.

If I find anything I will let you know, and if you hear of anything I would be interested to know.

Thanks Steve

I am also looking for swiming classes. If you find any then let me know too ;)

The miracle of using Google...

Look at this site: They are a swimming school that offers adult courses at 8 different pools in Hamburg.  Cost 332 Euros for either the regular 8 weeks, 1  x 60 minutes/week or the intensive 4 week, 2 x 60 minutes/week. … hsene.html

This site gives an overview of many pools in Hamburg and mentions that 7 of them offer adult courses. To find out prices and details on has to go most of the way through the booking process to even find out and my first attempts were unsuccessful as they showed upcoming courses as being book out. But you could pick the locations that are nearest to you and give them a call or visit if you don’t manage the online booking process. … richt.html

Here is another link to a swimming trainer in Hamburg. Adult class available up to 4 people in a group just € 20 per session, price of pool admission not included. Pool of the Hotel Ambassador at Berliner Tor.

There can be more possibilities but I think this is enough to get started, otherwise look yourself. I put in "Schwimmkurse Erwachsene Hamburg" at Google.....

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