Making friends in Malta

Hi everyone,

I posted on here back in March/April to see if anyone was in the same boat as me - wanting to make friends etc. I'm pleased to say it was successful but I know people don't always read old forum posts so thought I would repost to get the attention of some newer expats!

I'm really keen to make lots of new friends here in Malta - I've been here for 7 months now and there is still so much I want to discover of the island...and what better way than with new friends!

Please get in contact if you too would like to meet some new people and build a nice social circle :) it can be so hard to make friends when you're in a new place so I'm grateful to this website for introducing me to people!

Speak to you soon hopefully :)



I´m a 21-year old girl from Germany.
During my studies I´m supposed to do an internship, so I decided to absolve this internship at Malta.
I want to go to Malta because I think it´s a fascinating island.
I going to arrive at the beginning of September and will left Malta at the end of January. So that´s not so much time to see everything on the island, so I´m searching for people who want to discover the island, too.
So I was very happy to see your post. If you want I will be very happy to make a trip with you  :)

Have a great time!


Bavaria is a nice state!

Hi Debs, I've been here for around 8 months and also still in the process of discovering the island :) I'm here with my partner, both late twenties/early thirties, no kids, like going out but more the wine festival type than rowdy Paceville ;) We also love taking walks, exploring villages + feasts and watching fireworks. Would be great to meet like-minded people outside of my work! :)

that´s sound´s very good.
It would be great if we can find a date to do something together =)
maybe we can go out together the first time to get to know each other?

Hi Ulrike!

I would love to discover some more of the island so very happy to do that with you once you've arrived! We could maybe go for coffee or a drink and make some plans :)

Debs x

Heyhey =)

that´s sound very good. Then I will write to you when I arrive in Malta.
I would be very happy if we can meet  :top:

Hey, I arrived here in Malta from the UK a few weeks ago to live. I'm looking to meet new people to go out with and enjoy the Island. I'm in my early 30's, I don't have any kids and want to find a good social circle of friends. If anyone is in the same boat as me it would be good to hear from you. 😊

Hi, i'm in the same situation and looking to meet new people. :)

Hi, I sent you a message to your inbox. Would be good to meet for a coffee or a drink sometime maybe? 😁

That would be nice. I'm currently in London with music commitments but am looking to make a semi permanent move to Malta in the coming months as I love the vibe and want to build up a nice network of friends.

Hi Ian,

Get in touch when you arrive in Malta.
Good luck with the music! 😊

Morning all!

I'm new to Malta, 24 years old and wanting to really experience the best of the island. Moved here with my partner, only arrived last month and looking to make new friends and share incredible experience in this beautiful place.

Would love to get involved in social events, book clubs, social adventures and fitness activities.

The island can seem lonely and isolating at times for everyone (especially in winter months.)

If anyone knows any groups/people/events or just general advice it would be much appreciated.



Hi Tash,

Same situation, partner and I moved here in Feb.

We're in St Paul's so if you're interested in chatting or meeting up just give us a shout.


Hi all,

I'd be great to catch up with you all, I am also looking to extend my circle of friends. Let's try and organise a get together for a coffee or drinks?


Hello, I´m Luisa, from Colombia. I´ve been living here for a while, and I want to meet new people on the island. If you want to grab a coffee some day, count with me!

xoxo and enjoy the life on this little island! :D

Hello everyone!

I'm Maddalena, from italy. I'm 25 years old and I'm currently doing an internship at the Unviersity of Malta. I love this island but it's getting hard not having friends in there. It would be amazing to meet new people :) I leave in Sliema!

Count us in Mac.  My partner and I moved here 3 weeks ago and looking to make new friends and build a social life. 

Very easy going people and love movies, food, music.....

Dave & Michelle

Music...count me in when you arrive in Malta. Singer, Actor and director guitar a bit all kinds of music and theatre..


Hi all,

I would love to organize something but i'm abroad for about a month so I hope to catch you all when I return.


Hi,do you want to organize something i May? I would love to meet some new people.

Hi Maddalena i live in Malta currently and i also looking for friends here in Malta so if you are interested for coffee sometimes contact me we can hangout together

Hi I'm Kez, I have recently moved to Malta from England and am looking to meet some new people and build a social circle :) I'm living in swieqi however the island is only small so nowhere is too far.

Hiya, I'm Kez. Have moved here only a few weeks ago and it would be really nice to meet new people, im 26 years old and living here with my partner. Have holidayed here a lot however it is very different living here. Where abouts are you located?

i arrived in malta from scotland a few weeks ago, and would be cool to meet new people

I'm always looking to meet new people.  I've been here almost 10 years and any friends I make always seem to end up moving back from where they came from :(

Anyone from down south? (M'scala/Zabbar)  I know Malta is small but it's a nightmare to get around and have often found that meet ups in Sliema/St Julians firstly take me 1 - 1.5 hours to get to on the bus and then in the evenings are difficult because then it's hard to get home without shelling out €20 for a cab.  So I've ended up not going to many. to be precise!

There are some really amazing bars and cafes in Valletta if anyone fancies meeting up there sometime?


I would be happy to meet up somewhere other than St Julians/Sliema :) Gets a bit boring staying in the same place all the time for meet ups! I have a car so easy to get around :)

Let me know when you are free!


Hey there,

I'd love to.  Up to my eyes painting the house this weekend but am free next or even on 7th (public holiday) for a coffee or something? 


Not there yet but thinking about it and might be a while but would love to build friendships and get as much info as i can before the step. May be over again around Oct/ Nov time :-).
Mags x

I'm Olivia and have moved to Malta (St Paul's Bay) in January to come live with my boyfriend. I still haven't managed to make my own friends and would really like to meet new people. Let me know if anyone is up for meeting up for a coffee or some drinks! :)

Hey everyone, my name is George , i'm a Greek national and i've moved to Malta roughly a month ago. I live Attard and work for a rental company at the airport with my head office being in San Gwann. Looking to meet new people and expand my horizons is what's driven me to make this post so if we're on the same page feel free to make contact. I'm not sure if anyone would be reading this thread because it's pretty much old but oh well :D

Hello I have just moved here and hoping to stay a long time but in the same boat I guess feeling a little weird coming by myself I only know a couple people on the island please message me if you wanna meet up have any advise places, people to tell me I am looking for good friends, job and more permenant accomadation:) :)



Hi all,
My name is Charlo and I am local. I am always open to make new friends. So feel free to get in touch if you fancy meeting up for a walk, coffee or an ice cream.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi Guys
Been here since April.. guess a bit of loneliness starting to creep in could do with some company.
Just a chat with someone outside of work. First drink is on me alcoholic or non  ;-0
Marsascala  region.

Hi Gav, names Joe, would be happy to meet up, I've been here 18 months, live close to Marsascala. Are you working at moment?  as regards meet, I'm free during day just now.

Hello Gav,
I'm back in Malta tomorrow and happy to meet for a drink and a chat 😀

hey guys really sorry.. i thought i would get an email or something if someone replied?
sorry i missed you Tess and Joe..

No worries 😀
Just off out to Valletta now and hoping the boat is not full!!

No problem Gav. I'm still free during the days at moment.

contact me

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