Income tax in shandong.


Was wondering if someone could help me, I am in process of moving to Qingdoa for a new job, I am a uk citizen.
I will be living out there the job is permanent
The company I work for is uk based and they have a Chinese office.
They have just let me know that I will be paying 40% tax throught the Chinese government.

I will be paying IIT and SSI they said I can claim back SSI when I move back to the uk, but if I move before 2 years I can't claim it back.

Am now contemplating if it's worth my time to go due to the tax.

Is this correct?

Do you get to claim back any of the tax?


I've been an Expat for over 30  years.
It is of utmost importance for YOU to check out your contract conditions.
For Chine-UK income tax agreement, did you internet-check "UK-China reciprocal income tax agreement" => … x-treaties ? I have not checked the UK Government attachments, but they should be relevant.
You could also check out "".

If you are to survive as an Expat you need to check, check, check!
Today's internet makes it a real doddle.
Have you tried the British Consulate in Shanghai or the Embassy in Beijing? They can, sometimes actually be very helpful. Plus, of course, you should already have registered with them.

Normally a UK Expat goes overseas for his company on his base salary paid in the UK and UK tax free (due to being overseas for more than 12 months in a financial year) plus a daily living allowance (Per Diem), plus free food, plus free accommodation (including laundry), plus, of course, free flight Home Leave(s).
Your present contract looks like you are being reassigned to the China office - and the China office take over full responsibility and  pay your salary - local tax deductible - and Social Security deduction. I assume they provide you with free Expat standard accommodation with all mod cons plus a daily Per Diem.
AND you need to check if you can send your savings to the UK at the end of assignment.
Maybe someone else can advise you on that; but my understanding is you can only send back what you have brought in - with full supporting documentation. UK Embassy should be good for that question.
All the best. Hope it works out

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