The Olympic Games lived from Australia

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The Olympic Games are about to end. This summer, an amazing festive atmosphere overtook Rio and the country. As always, the United States end up the competition with the highest rank. Many wonderful surprises punctuated those games. Fidji, Porto Rico and Jordan won their first medal, ever.

How were the Olympic Games followed in Australia? Have you seen excitement about this world major event? How did the local media cover it?

Are Australians proud of their athletes’ performance and the amount of medals they brought home?

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Australia had big expectations before the games (up to 15 gold medals, 5th country in the medal tally), justifially so, but fell short. This is particularly true in the sports where the country was seen as very strong (swimming, rowing, sailing, cycling).
It only ranks 10th place and got only 29 medals, including 8 gold (lowest finish and medal tally since 1992), so lower than 2012-London, which was already seen as a poor result.
A lot has been said concerning the different swimming races, where a lot of 2015 world champions finished very far from their best. A few of them have said that they had difficulty handling the pressure of the event.

Australia is also comparing its current result to the very high of 2000-Sydney and 2004-Athens, when they were riding the wave of a home Olympic.

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