Get a business visa and extend it.


Looking for basic information I am looking to move shortly with my dog. I am in logistics management but will find a job when I arrive. I was going to get a business visa and extend it.

Any ideas or hints? I am going to come over with 5k and my dog :)

I just know it's ok with 5k just declare it I know you can have up to 10 k , but just declare , good luck have safe trip

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Please have a look at this article about visa : … bodia.html , you might find some useful information.


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There are no currency restrictions on import of foreign currencies to Cambodia by passengers
(including delegates, guests, entities, or natural persons) although declaration is required for the sums of over US$10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars) or the equivalent in a foreign currency. In so doing, it will facilitate the passengers for bringing back their money upon their return.     /Quote

More info here: … val#anchor

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