What to expect on arrival?

Hi guys!!

So it's been a while since I have posted anything but I am finally flying out tomorrow and will be in Riyadh first thing in the morning..
My arrival time is early hours 5:30am and I will be picked up from one of the hospital representatives I assume,just wanted to know from experience are you taken stright to your compound or will I be taken to a temporary hotel or something due to the early hours of arrival, i don't think it would be appropriate to be going into my shared accomadation (if that's where I have been placed) at such hours. Also I have heard usually during your general nursing induction you are often given an option where you would like to live, is this true?

One last question, can any nurses or anyone shed some light on what to expect during my first week of my work or stay.

Many thanks

I'm not there yet, so, good luck and keep us posted👍

Hopefully you have arrived safely and I believe you have already known about your stay by now

It would be great to hear about your experiences so far

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