Exchange in pounds into Dong

Hi Everyone
Can any one help
I'm over in HCM and having been trying to exchange £200 into Vietnamese Dong
Problem I'm having is I have Scottish bank notes
I have tried 3 banks in district 1and none will exchange my pounds
My bank notes have Clydesdale Bank £20 Stirling on theme but the Banks i have tried refuse to exchange

Anyone have an idea on a Bank I can try?

Kind regards John

Try the gold shops. There are several non-bank places in D1 that mainly do money exchanges. Sometimes you even get a better rate. I do not live in HCMC so I do not know the streets or locations, but I have used them in D1 previously.

I have no idea if they will accept your notes but it could be worth a shot.

Best of luck.

Thank you I will give them a try
The banks didn't understand that Scottish notes are part of United Kingdom
I didn't realise it was going to be such a problem
My airline lost my luggage too so not having a good day

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