Another cost of living question

We are living in Quito Ecuador and have been here for  a couple of years.   Not completely happy here and considering another location. After browsing  Google Earth and looking at Argentina and its  visa requirements we are considering  the possibility of traveling there, looking around and moving if we like the country. In looking at costs on, Buenos Aires  is the only city reported on in Argentina and costs are a lot higher than here in Quito.

Question is, are costs markedly lower outside of Buenos Aires than in the city. Numbeo is all we have to go on.

We previously considered Colombia but were warned off by a number of expats there saying that an expat living outside of  a city is a target for robbery, kidnapping or worse.  Here in Ecuador  personal safety for an expat is good  in most areas including the countryside.  Is it the same in Argentina?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Quito Ecuador

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