Moving to Dusseldorf,cool areas for a guy on his late 20's

Hello All,

   I was retcently informed that I got a job in Dusseldorf and I'll be moving there in the following months. My work is actually going to be in Oberhausen's Centro but since I've been living in Bremen at the moment,I wanted to go for a bigger city and since the offered to pay my train tickets, I thought of moving to Dusseldorf is a much better choice. I'm a 27 professional who's going to work tons of hours but I also enjoy living in a nice hyped area. What are the "coolest" areas to live in Dusseldorf that people go out and it's never too dull but also convenient to connect with the train station? I'm hoping for a furnished flat even though I know it's a bit rare in Germany, do you know any sites or places I should be looking into?

Thanks in advance!

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