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Not sure, skype was free, we have time and the parts costs only $40 online. I think any mechanic seeing a desperate person on a Sat. morning with a bad set of brakes would only see dollar signs.
I paid about $450. in the past for just a change of brake pads because I was desperate and they scammed me.( In the 1980's too when $450 was real money)
I know exactly ho they operate, , no pads alone wouldn't work, you need a overhaul, new rotters calipers, crack in the line etc. They are vultures one and all pretty much.

Mechanics these days are really abusing people, in Vegas most of my friends have nothing but horror stories about auto repairs.
In the past we found a guy who was between jobs to help with changing a timing belt, found him online. Husband could do it himself but lacked the power tools.
They did it together for about $100. and we fed the guy a nice Hungarian dinner as a tip.
We have had a couple of people help our son when we were not around who did home auto repairs with their trucks, some are ok and some are not so great.
When we have a place to work on cars my husband now goes to the junk yard to look for new parts on a wreck, usually he finds almost everything he needs in the yard that an Auto Zone shops and it is all DIY.
Of course it takes a logical mind and allot of time to learn to work on cars, many of these newers cars just can't be worked on without modern equipment and computers.

Went to the horse races on Sunday at the race track.
Been there several times over the years and it has never been very crowded anytime I have been there.
These days people can make bets without having to physically go to the race park.
What was sort of funny to me was seeing a group of around 8 British young men wearing board shorts and being at the track.
It isn't exactly on the tour book guide.
I went to use the Ladies WC, noticed one door ajar so knocked like I always do before opening.
All of a sudden one of those young men came out of the closet holding a full glass of beer in his hand?!
At least I hope it was beer!!!
He said sorry in English as he must of realized he had walked into the ladies room by mistake. No biggie but I think he was lucky it was me who knocked on the door and not someone else who didn't speak English and may of taken offense to him half drunk holding a beer and being in the ladies room.
I thought it was funny actually.
Nice day out there, only down 500 forints on bad bets.

Didn't want to get too much off topic so linked up here.
American football and European football which is more exciting?
I would say European football has allot more action and looks like it takes a bit more skill, fast on your feet and not all brawn.
I think both are very dangerous sports however.
One has to be in top physical shape to do either.
In school they MADE us trying just about every sport in history which I think is stupid as some people's physical shape is just not made for certain sports.
Seeing the short chubby girl trying to run hurtles,the skinny one throwing a shot put.
The pressure  on children to be good in all sports in the US is just crazy wrong.
I had a PE teacher who made all of us do gymnastics, there were one or two tiny little teen girls who actually were taking private classes in gymnastics who were of course the teachers pet's.
People like myself, super tall and slim with extra long legs just weren't too great at the balance beam, the horse or the bars.
My sport was tennis and volleyball, handball was also interesting.
Then being a tall girl everyone wanted me on the basketball team, I hated that sport, too much pushing and shoving, I used to just let the ball go past me because I disliked the whole game.
We never had to do American football as girls but we had to do European style football, again, I disliked getting kicked in the legs so never really even tried to be near the ball or the action.
I think forcing children to play a sport is just wrong, of course exercise is needed but they should let children chose what sport interests them and never force, it just causes people to feel inadequate and give up.
I suppose I got lucky in my usually "left handed" way, dislocated my knee 3 times, twice while still in school. I was put into the PE class with the handicapped children, everyone was jealous of me!
Interestingly enough, I dislocated me knee the first time while practicing my tennis backhand in my backyard against the back of our house. Was 12 years old, just slipped on the pavement and couldn't get up. Step- dad was strong back then, just picked me up and took me to the family doctor to set my knee back into place.
Second dislocation was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.
15 years old, having a sleep over party with 2 friends at one of their homes.
I sort of had a crush from a far distance on a boy in the 12th grade a tall red head kid, my best friend had a crush on his brother who was in the 11th grade.
We all were just 10th year students at the time.
My crazy friend came up with the insane idea of going over to their house to see if we could catch a look at them from afar.
They lived very near the friend's house who was hosting our little party.
We all sneaked over to the boys home, my friend got over zealous and walked to the window and peeked into their house,She waved us over to look for ourselves. Silly teens we crept over to the window to look inside their house.
The boys were sitting at the table having dinner with their mom and elder brother.
Of course with our luck, they all looked up at once and saw us 3 girls staring at them and their pot roast!
My friend just screamed RUN, like that would work, they knew who we were  after all.
Silly us we followed her lead and ran across their yard to escape.
I again slipped and pop, my knee totally dislocated and I was stuck, The whole family came out to see what was going on in their yard. I didn't cry or scream in pain, I think I was so embarrassed my brain shut off.
Ambulance ride to the hospital, their dinner ruined.
The next day at school when I was hopping around on my crutches I couldn't even look either of those brothers in the face. I just forgot all about my crush and moved on.

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