6 month Visa Enquiry Help Needed

Hi Guys

Im seeking some advise on a Visa  Query. I'm coming to Bali part holiday, but also to enquire about volunteer/intern work. The Social Visa states volunteer work is not permitted, and I'd like to stay for at least 6 months (self-funded). I don't know any 'locals' as i was going to check out places to volunteer whilst there. Could you guys advise what is the best visa/way to do this.



In fact you can not work on any visa.

You will need a work permit period....but people will also tell its perfectly fine as long you dont earn money (on Bali) however on Java raids are on almost every day and people get busted due to visa issues. Just dont underestimate it here and get caught spending up to 5 years prison in the worst case scenario and paying up to Rp 500.000.000 fine.

Btw.....there is a kind of work and holiday visa for Australians....perhaps you fall in that cathorogy ?

Oh wow! I guess i thought as it is 'unpaid' work it would be fine. I will be in Bali, and was wanting to help in kitchens etc (in exchange for meal/experience)  So for me to do that I would need a work visa, although unpaid? Would a Social Visa suffice? Thx for your help. My only research was to Intern with a company, who would provide the correct details,  but then I would be committed to a place for 3-6months.

too old  :(

Whatever your intention is...working in a kitchen etc is something a local can do. that is what it's all about....if you look for a job a local can do, you will not get a work permit.

Again, on Bali there might things work differently as long you have connections etc.

But rules are differently....

Forget the bit about 'connections', it isn't true and could get you into serious trouble if you're found engaging in any sort of work without a work permit/visa to suit.

A long self funded holiday to Bali is not much of a problem as long as you get the correct visa, but none of these allow you to work unless you have a permit, 'connections' or otherwise.

This extremely dangerous suggestion could see you with a large fine, stuffed in prison and deported, probably blacklisted.

A great way to ruin a holiday, but you could write a great blog about the local prison system. That gets you the free food you mentioned, but I understand the quality isn't always five star.

Please ignore that false advice.

Hmmm. Something for me to think about, there were a few places wanting volunteers to work in eco tourism ie garden, exchange for meals/experience. They are advertised all over the internet....if i go through one of these groups it should be ok? I initially did not want to commit for so long, hence trying to get a month or so helping here and there, by asking around. But if that is going to cause problems i may just go thru one of these groups. Thx for your help and clarification

Just to clarify though, i know working in a kitchen is something a local would do, but unpaid for 3 months - 6 months? I thought work would mean some sort of financial transaction? Either way i really don't want to go to jail and be fined!! 😕 All these internship sites advise that you will be on a social visa working/interning/volunteering?

Loads of places advertise illegal work, totally neglecting to mention the difficulties you could find yourself in.
The last two on here were teaching jobs, neither offering either a work permit or visa, and both claiming it was legal because it was part time.

I strongly suggest you don't do any work as ALL visitor visas are clear in excluding work of any sort, even unpaid work.

If you work for free in a kitchen, that's a local out of a job, and that won't go down well.
Expect problems.

However, going to live with Indigenous communities, learning their way of life and how they live by simply living with them and engaging in the work they do as part of the experience is perfectly fine and supported by the Indonesian government.
You aren't taking anyone's work, just assisting in what would be done by the local community anyway.
There's a few I wouldn't mind a go at for a week or so, all in remote areas.
There are plenty of perfectly legal places to do that, but I'm unsure if any are on Bali.

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