New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourself here – 3rd quarter of 2016

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

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Hi all,

I am Mia and currently am living in Songkhla for about six months in year, then I move about and also live in Malaysia as well. 

I am an activist and am involved with NGOs in this region of ASEAN.
Thank you.

Hi all,

My name is Ted Lange. I soon... well as soon as my house sells will be living in Chiang Mai. I'm 36 years old with 3 kids living with me. We are a weird nerdy bunch.

I have lived with depression all of my life and pushed it all aside to make sure everyone I loved was cared for. I'd often starve myself so that my kids always had food. That was of course in the early days.

Now I am doing ok, I have a good job, but I am just sad. Every morning I wake up to my son saying "Daddy do you have to go to work" his eyes almost tearing up. I have no choice but to answer yes Han I do, but I love you and I will see you tonight.

This isn't living... I only have this one life and I only have so many moments to spend with my children.

So!... I am selling my house, quoting my job and selling everything, but my computer, clothes and musical instruments and moving to Chiang Mai to live a simpler life. I am going to follow my dreams and show my kids that they too shouldn't give up on their dreams in order to have food and shelter.

I plan to live a life I can be proud of and one that my kids will be proud of.

So thats me. I have a lot more to tell and a ton more to give to this world.


Hi all,

I am Rana and currently am living and working in Pathumthani , I am an Electrical Engineering Graduate and have working experience of over 14 years in manufacturing companies in operations and maintenance. worked in different countries of china, Thailand and India.

I am an Indian national and open to explore new opportunities.


I am Mia and currently in and out of Songkhla and Hatyai as I have biz opportunity here.
Thinking of renting or buying a house in Songkhla or given one by employer, see first.

Hi!!  I'm Steve a Canadian currently living in Thailand training Muay Thai and hoping to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

Hi I am freddy ,,I m Nicaraguan (C.A.) now live in Thailand for about 3 years but I been in and out since 2005 but finally stayed put ,,I stay in pattaya very exiting city ,,the city that never sleep 555 well I wish you all good luck ...

I am Zad Salah ,Computer,Internet and E-Marketing Private Teacher in Bangkok.

35 Years,Male from Jordan .

Live in Bangkok Since 2012.

I love nature,Rivers,Internet,Friendship

Line : Teacher.zad

Appreciate new friends from all nationalities.

I am Phil from the U.S. retired and living in a village in Sisaket.  One year, and still trying to get used to it.  I cannot learn Thai, and nobody in the village speaks English, so it makes it difficult.  I am 40km from Sisaket city.

Hi , I am Vicki from Tasmania, Australia. 52 years young. I have been in Bangkok for 1 month and would love to meet any other ladies doing it solo around my age .

I recently moved to Bangkok from Ireland but I'm originally from Spain. I just like to travel I guess :-) I speak English and Spanish and I love nature and animals


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Hi All,

I am Nicky,  and have just moved to Bangkok a few weeks ago. I am from England, and I am now actually living between Sydney, Australia and Bangkok.

The amazing world of lingerie and sportswear Design allows me to travel and explore the world, which I appreciate more and more everyday :)

I would love to meet other expats living in Bangkok, and have some fun exploring the city. When I'm not designing, I love getting outdoors to run, cycle and also enjoy yoga and dancing.

I also love doing anything that allows me to eat and drink my way around a new city!! 

Would love to hear from anyone who fancies exploring a little with me!


Hi All,

I'm Khanh, just moved to Bangkok from Sydney to look for employment opportunity. I'm into outdoor activities and would love to meet up to network and try new food.

Hi Khan,

I have just moved to Bangkok too, however also living in Sydney! What brings you to Bangkok?

Hello, my partner moved here for work. I came to Bangkok 3 weeks ago. Welcome to BKK!

Hi, we are in prachinburi. Next to Khao Yai

Where were you living in Ireland? I'm from there.

Hi Vicki.
I am from NSW. Still in Aus due to work commitments. Will relocate in 1-2 years.
How are you finding life over there?

Hi if there is any thing I can help I will be very happy to help. I am a tour guide

Hi Guys,

Nice to meet you here!


Hi Reece , life over here is very different but I am enjoying it so far, lots I would like to see and do , I am renting in a condo. My living cost are cheaper that is for sure.
Most people I meet love it here . The down side would be the heat but it is worth it. I am in Bangkok , where are you planning to move to?

Hi there! I just found this site today. I've been in Bangkok for 5 weeks now - been laid up the last four after wrecking my ankle at the velodrome. This past week, I've finally stopped limping around like Dr. House and can actually walk. Hallelujah! Anyway, I haven't had much opportunity to go out or make new friends, and I'd like to start, now that I'm no longer semi-immobile. Say hi, or something.

Good to hear that life is better now. So you do track bike?  :thanks:  Been looking at going there. How is it here? Been off my bike for way to long. Looking at getting back in the grove.  :unsure

Hi bodacious! Yep, I did some racing at Alpenrose velodrome in Portland a couple years ago, and  once I got over the terror of no was a blast! The velodrome is about 250 m. It's not too steep, so as long as you keep over 15mph if you're near the top, you won't slide down  :lol:

I also have a regular road bike, but am deathly afraid to take it on the road. A few people have suggested the track around the airport - which I would love to do!

Hello! I hope everyone is well. In brief, I'm an American moving from Kuwait to Chantaburi to teach at a school. Money isn't my incentive it is why I decided to move for alternative reasons.

Any tips? Anyone living there now? It'd be awesome to make some friends so I'm not that much homesick I imagine :)

Hi there,

My name is Heidi. I am from Scotland. I am a keen traveller and I am actively looking for work in Thailand. I have never been before and I would be willing to take hotel, bar or waitress work although my profession and degree is in the arts, painting and as a professional actress. However I need to start somewhere.
I would also be looking for clean and central accommodation preferably in Bangkok.


Hi Nicky,

I am also looking to move to Bangkok, if there is any advice you can give me I would be grateful! :)


I am Sandeep Mishra from India. I have completed my bachelor in pharmacy. I want to do the job in Bangkok in pharmaceutical industry :) .if you have any idea about it. Then please help me.i will be very thankful.i need help please. Help me. :(

Hi everyone! I'm Doug from the U.S. I moved to Bangkok in 2010. I've got a fair bit of knowledge about life here in Thailand, so I'm happy to try answering any questions.

Hi, my names Carol, I am a British Motorcycle Instructor, who for the last few years has been advising Ex-pat and Thai friends regarding Defensive Riding on the roads of Thailand. I have spent three months touring Thailand, the last one touring southern Thailand on motorcycles.

When I started down this road, the idea was to share the standard UK Police advanced Rider Training advice I had spent the previous Thirty years teaching. But I instead ended up on a steep learning curve that has ended up working with others on a new approach to Road Safety Internationally. We are now challenging long established thinking on how to share the roads and stay alive.
You can read more about this on my blog @

But like all Ideas, the bigger picture is more complex. My partner is disabled, she is the biggest reason we are considering moving to Thailand as her condition is improved by the Thai climate and Thai physiotherapy massage helps reduce the pain. Motorcycle Training is far from the best paid UK Industry so we are still trying to solve the funding, and I also have other family commitments that currently leave me advising my friends from the UK.

We have close friends living on Koh Samui and near Khao Sok National Park, ideally wishing to live somewhere near them in Surat Thani area. But also considering all options either motorcycle related or not.

I am here to network and make new friends. Possibly find work and also happy to share my Rider Training experience and new thinking.


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