Wasp allergy - are there many wasps in Belize?

Hello everyone, my name is Gigi, I am from Austria and beginning next year I will move to Placencia. After around one year the plan is to move on a Caye 6 miles from Placencia.

To my question: I have a diagnosed allergy against the toxin of wasps. In Austria there are sometimes 5-10 wasps around you in the summer, especially when you are at an outdoor place of a restaurant or bar during daylight until the evening. I also know a beach in Portugal, where it was horrible - it was a place, where tourist-ships come to BBQ, and the whole beach was buzzing with thousands of wasps.

Besides the place in Portugal, where I really wished to have an emergency medication with me, after some years of carrying always my allergy-epi-pen with me and checking, that it´s not getting too hot, I stopped caring about it. 2 years ago a wasp got me, but fortunately nothing severe happened. But I thought about the fact, that in Belize and in case of emergency I won´t have a hospital at any place 5 minutes away from me and to reconsider my easy mind about the possible risk ;-)

How would you describe the amount of wasps? I´ve been around a year in the Caribbean (Dominican Republic, Cuba, Costa Rica) but I nearly never saw a wasp. Is this the same in Belize? Or are there special districts/ cayes or common places where I shpuld be aware of it, because there are so many of them?

Thanks for any input and warm regards to all of you,

I do not recall seeing any but really do not think there are many.

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