Concern about safety on my possible next flat

Hi everyone.

I just arrived into budapest this week. I will be staying for 3 years at least while my wife study for her PhD. We are a young couple from Costa RICA.

Finding anew apartment have been really hard. We have a tight budget and it seems people charge large amounts to foreigners and the flats we have seen are not in really good shape.

However we have seen one that we liked and it's what we need. Problem is location. I was told is not really a safe area for a woman to come back late by herself and of course is a serious concern. The location is Muranyi utca 46. I was adeviced to avoid it because it's close to the train station which is not a good area.

My wife will be by herself some months a year and we need some insight information.


Yes, it's a bad area, the worse thing that could happen is beeing robbed at knifepoint, there are ways to reduce the odds of that happening...

If she doesn't mind commuting 1-2 hours every day, you should look in the outskirts, crime rate is lower, so are rents and generally the milieu is much much nicer. (After a while the look of those old buildings in bad shape, the rubbish and dog crap and piss on the sidewalk, the musty smell of the basements, the behavior of your gipsy neighbors and gipsies on the street will desolate you.)

Thanks for the reply.

I am going to take that advice in. It was very close to Damjanich utca like 2 blocks away.

Do you think if I send you the directions of the other apartments could you tell me how you feel about the areas?

I asked her about commute time but she want to be as close as possible

I'm not advising to avoid this area at all costs, the chances of actually being robbed are still pretty low (unless you do silly things to attract attention, wear expensive clothes, accessories, etc.), but if she is the kind of person who is easily intimidated by dodgy looking people, she'll have a bad time there. With a tight budget you'll have to compromise on something.

You could list a few more addresses, but if they're as close to the central as this one and same price range, it won't be any better safety-wise.

diegoarj24 :

Finding anew apartment have been really hard.

Any University worth its salt should have some type of student support services, especially for international students. Have you contacted the University for such assistance?

Hi again. Thanks for all the advices.

My wife found one she really liked and it has everything at good price. It is in Szinyei Merse  utca 12. 2 blocks from Andrassy utca an metro station. What do you think about this one.

We saw other earlier 1 block from parliament. In Marko utca also.

Szinyei Merse  utca 12. looks much better. Marko too.

Yes for some reason I quite don't understand they are on vacations right now. But they did give us some advices and websites to lol for before

diegoarj24 :

Yes for some reason I quite don't understand they are on vacations

Vast parts of Europe take vacation in August. Entire systems, in full or in part, can shut down. Same around Christmas.

HI everyone.

Thanks for all the advices and support. Just wanted to let you know we found a really good apartment in a nice building in a nice area almost between 6 and 5.

Thanks for helping me get there and foe being the kind of comunity and fresh expat needs


Let us know when you have a house warming party, so expats can come and greet you at you new home in Budapest.  :)

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