Current safety in Addis


I am due for a 3-6 month visit to Addis in September, and have been hearing stuff on the news regarding the protests happening there.

Can anyone there actually comment on whether this should be a concern for foreigners such as myself visiting and working in the city, considering I am also bringing a family with children with me.

I have heard it is quite a safe place in general, but just wondering if the recent events have changed things in terms of safety.

Many thanks,

According to my friends in Addis there is no problem. Usually protests take place around  Meskel Square. As far as I know not a single foreigner has been hurt in the recent protests.

I would be a lot more careful at the moment - I suspect things will improve - I am going in November and will be a lot more low profile - stay away from any crowds and at the first sign of trouble get away - even if just going into the nearest hotel.

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