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Hello all,
I am interested in getting Lacrosse started here in Vietnam. Google and Facebook have led me to believe that there are people here interested in Lacrosse, but nothing lasting has really come of that interest so far (at least that I can discover). Lacrosse is growing so quickly globally and I really hope that Lacrosse can grow and flourish in Vietnam. I have 16 years coaching experience, including two years coaching the Hannover, Germany Men's Lacrosse team (2007-2009) and assistant coaching the Queen's Men's Lacrosse team (2014), but, more than that, I just really love the game in whatever context. I really want to get the sport started in Vietnam. I am currently working on setting up annual some gear donations from graduating players in Canada in order to get some sticks etc. out here so I can hold some camps and pick-up get-togethers, and hopefully lay some groundwork for a practice squad.
If you are interested in playing some Lacrosse or know someone who is, or want to help build the sport here, please contact me at **
Thanks and hope to hear from you!

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Hi Ryan,
Are you still looking for people who are interested in Lacrosse in HCMC?
I am a Japanese who played lacrosse in a Japanese collage and 2 years in Belgium.
I know some Japanese,  a Canadian and two Americans who have experience. All are lacrosse enthusiasts.
Some are a bit old to play including myself,  though.

If you want,  I will arrange a meeting.
I am looking forward to your reply.

Best regards
Satoru Awano

i am very interested in your idea for lacrosse in HCMC, i am from the United States, but i'm vietnamese. please tell me how i could join.

Good Afternoon Ryan,

Have you had any luck moving forward with pick up lacrosse?  I would be very interested,  living here in HCM for the last 2 years really starting to miss the game and getting the itch to play again.  I ve played high school, college and after college in highly competive mens leagues in the Northeastern United States.  As well as coaching for one of the top youth  club lacrosse teams in the US for over 10 years.  Would love to start playing again.

Scott Hickey

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I played for 14 years in the UK and would love to have a throw around/game. Have been in HCMC for three years and miss playing. I do know some people who play in Hong Kong and Singapore.


Hello, there are some who are trying to starts it. I'm from Thailand Lacrosse, and have been gathering all interested laxers. Go to Vietnam Facebook page to connect to everyone!

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