Brazilian Banking Fees

If you bank with a Brazilian bank, how much does your bank charge you in monthly fees? I am curious as to what others are paying...

My husband and I have accounts with 3 Brazilian banks, and following are the monthly fees we currently pay:

Santander R$ 0 (my husband gets his paychecks directly deposited into this account, so no monthly fee)

Caixa R$ 34.20 (has recently gone up - used to be $31.94; we need this account because we got our mortgage through Caixa and one of the conditions for getting their lowest interest rate - which was the lowest among all the major banks - was that we open a Caixa account from which our mortgage payment would be automatically debited)

Itaú R$ 70.00 (was R$ 34.00 when I moved here 2 years ago!  :mad: )

We are going to close our Itaú account this week because we've decided that we have no need for it. (With our Itaú cards, we get 50% off at one of our local cinemas, but unfortunately, we don't go to the movies as often as we'd like.  :sosad: )

I have got some experience Caixa and Bradesco. Same range.  Expensive.
I heard about Nubank which is a new bank 100% online. They adverstise about there zero fee policy. Worth investigating. Could be a solution for just a regular current account.

Thank you, Bardamu!  :top:

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