End of service

I hv a 2 yr employment contract in oman, and yearly leave with air ticket if I resign in my 10th month , will i be eligible to get air ticket n yearly leave salary ??

Hi aasim44,

Your final settlement terms would be what has been agreed between you and your employer, and exactly as per what is printed in your employment contract, which you would have signed while accepting.

Nothing is mentioned other than 1 month notice


It is after completing 1 year you are entitled for ticket and leave salary.
If you are ending your service in 10 months, you will receive gratuity for that period and may be no flight tickets I suppose.


Thanks , vl update once everythg done .

you will get
leave salary   basic*10/12
Gratuity          basic*10/12*15/30
you will get air ticket also .. one way final ticket ...

Check with your personnel department.  The Matron or Senior Nursing Office will be able to tell you what the current situation is.  When I left Saudi Arabia before end of contract I had to pay for my own ticket home.

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