Looking for teachers that have moved with their school going kids

Hi... Are there any teachers here that have moved with their school going kids? If your package didn't offer I see many
Many don't offer schooling but offer everything else from medical to housing visas etc.... Is your salary covering school fees at the private schools... Would love to know if it is worth the move... Oh and I am from South Africa😊....

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Could you please explain little more. I can see your issue is very interesting but not clear!!!

Hi... The benefits of applying as a teacher are many such housing...medical aid for teacher spouse and up to 3 and visas for the whole family... However, schooling for children is not paid for and from what I understand expat children have to go to the private schools... So if a teacher for example will be paid AED14000 will this be enough to cover private schooling without being left with nothing as that is not worth leaving your country where you are settled... Hope this is clearer.

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