Dental clinic in Sofia or Plovdiv

Hi all,

I'm considering to visit Bulgaria very soon to put 2 or 3 implants.  Can anyone recommend a dentist or a dental clinic in Sofia or in Plovdiv ? 



I would recommend they speak English and I really like how they work.


Another alternative is this......
She is a young lady Doctor, speaks terrific english and comes highly recommended
through personal experience.
She works out of a Clinic in Central Sofia.

Thanks. Do you know her name by any chance ?

Yes, its Graziella, surname Yaneva I think!

Better search for a reputable dentist, than for a dental clinic. One clinic may have several good dentist, but you also might come accross a nowice.

You can always ask for a specific doctor even in a dental clinic. And good ones offer a much wider range of services than one single doctor could possibly cover.
So, clinics get my vote every time although I have used excellent surgeries too.

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