Referral to Accountant with experience in US/PR incomes


My partner and I moved to PR in January 2015 and moved back to the states in October 2015, which makes for a bit of confusing tax situation. Does anyone have a referral to an Accountant with experience split US/PR income and relocations?


I don't, but I imagine you'd pay the income you earned here, to the state. Federal is federal, so you'd pay that, no matter what state you lived in.

Hi all!  I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good tax accountant.  The salary is from the federal government so it would be helpful if the accountant is experienced in that.  Spanish-only is okay, but we would probably do better with an English speaker if available.  My partner grew up speaking Spanish, but his vocabulary for adult things is sometimes limited, ha!

Thank you so much!

Mac1405, you will need a local accountant only if you had income from PR non federal job.
You were not a full resident of PR since you were not in the island for more than 6 months

In general you are facing states taxes, and Federal as normal and may be required to pay PR taxes for income received in PR by a Company with offices in PR. Any PR taxes collected off your paycheck you will need to file in order to get it back (eventually).

You file federal first then state and maybe PR, PR normally gives you credit for Federal taxes payed so likely all you have is a refund due to you from PR. Most people in PR just file themselves or go to H&R Block. Be aware that is taking 9 months to get refunds from PR so have patience.

Sorry no names.

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