Gatherings, third quarter of 2016

I thought it might be fruitful to have a Gatherings topic similar to the one where new folks  introduce themselves.
  Starting on Monday, August 22, there are free square dance lessons in the Rio Piedras Heights Community Center, 5pm.  I can email a copy of the flyer to you. I went last Monday and had a great time.

Next, I am reminding you that this Sunday, August 21, 2pm-4pm I am hosting free ukulele lessons and an acoustic music jam on my home turf at the Harbour Lakes (Palmas del Mar) Clubhouse. 

Third, I suggest you check out the website.  The Books, Coffee and Convo meetup group's next get-together is this Sunday, August 21 at the Botanical Garden in Rio Piedras.

Fourth: with all of the new folks who are joining the forum I am suggesting that we have a get-together at Luquillo Beach some time, maybe in mid-September. What do you think?

I could possible do the mid Sept . Would it be OK if we are not living there yet

I would love a beach meetup provided it is a family event since we have two little ones to tow around lol.

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