In train

I see by my own eyes many japanesetend to pretend tired or sleep when they noticed a young child.old pols who need seat nor blind pls, they don't give seat. I really disappointed in this country the Morris see the fact . Where is their heart toward kindness of ppl who need help without ask.

Maybe it's time you book a flight out of Japan. :whistle:   How is your observation supposed to help other expats?

Come on Romaniac, not need for such a response, it is a good and valid observation.

I see exactly the same problem in Japan. I often travel on the trains with my wife and young children and we often have to stand while young guys sit there with their eyes closed. At the ends of each carriage there are special seats for the elderly, pregnant women and people with young children and more often people will give up those seats. However, you are right that not many people do it.

I have been in trains in Japan where middle aged and elderly people try to offer their seats to us for our kids, and perhaps this reflects the nature of today's youth in Japan, so you are probably right.

For myself, of course we will always give up our seats for the elderly or those carrying an infant.

It's easy to find faults in every country, but I find that overall, Japan has less faults than most. And that includes safety everywhere.

Recently a blind man with his Buddy dog in station, no Japanese really care him, in end he dropped and died

If u really living resident area and live longer in surrounding , many disappointed u can't expected. I came jap holiday before or live just temporary , don't see around disappointed but after ...what I never know since I known jap 10 year after.. I  found out Japanese treat white and Asian ppl different . I don't know why but I some sort know from close Japanese told me . U are white . Right ? U never ve any problem

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