Dogs for toilet biz

Can u expect Japanese who owned dogs, never pick up their pet curry especially rain or fine weather? If they don't see whoever, they just walked off! Most of foreigner we ve to follow rules but most Japanese don't.

I looks a lot like you hate the country and you're having a bad time there.
Perhaps moving to another country would be a good idea.

It's an interesting question that you brought up. Actually I know many Japanese in Japan and they do take care of their doggy poop properly, I actually haven't ever seen situations where people walk away as you mentioned, but I am sure it does happen from time to time or with certain people or even maybe in certain places.

In fact, I see the same thing here in Indonesia and even in Canada or the UK or France where the occasional person is not doing things the way they should. I don't think this is a problem of the Japanese but a problem everywhere and just depends on the individual. The only place I never see this problem happening is in Singapore, probably because there are strict fines.

By the way, Japan is a fantastic country and place to live and I spend quite a lot of time there.

In Japan there is a rules regulation about having dog, many Japanese never follow and even I ask mayor side, staff said put more notice every area but no changes. But if foreigner act same like Japanese , they might scold and more serious do happened in Japan .

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