Moving personal belongings from the UK to Brasil

I have searched numerous websites looking for information on moving personal belongings from UK to Brasil, preferably Recife.

I have been living on tourist visa on and off for a while in Recife.  I am living with my girlfriend who is a Brasilera.

I want to ship some kit down to Brasil, but can't seem to find anyone with experience or advice from UK.

Looking to ship under 300kg of non bulky or heavy kit, that includes:

Sports kit: kite surf, hiking, climbing, diving.
Personal clothes and belongings.

Any advice would be very much appreciated as I am due back In Brasil on 8/9/16 and would like to ship before then.



don't do it, it will cost you more that it's worth,
its will be easy you to bring it over when you or friend fly in to brazil that try to ship it in, and even if you decide to bring it here, it will take you a mouth of Sundays to get it past the customs

If you are on tourist visa, best solution is to pay a charge for extra lugage next time you fligh to Brazil. Don't even think to send boxes/parcels from UK to Brazil. I made a proper move but within a permanent visa and it was already complicated. All stuff that a non-resident send will be considered like importation of goods...forget about it.

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