Contacts/ visa on arrival and weather questions

1.I understand you can get a visa by arrival. I am Danish nationality.
2. Will the climate be fine in December, january and february for my first visit

:top:  Hi Loujac,

your thread is now on the Dominican Republic forum. For contacts, you may do a quick search on the Dominican Republic social network by filling in the nationality and status.

For the rest, members will surely guide you.


Thank you very much for info

Loujack  if you are talking about a visitors visa that is good for 30 days then yes you can get that when you land at the airport of you can buy it online as well.  However after the 30 days there is an over stay fee that escalates the longer you are here.  30 to 90 days is $2500 pesos and 3-6 months is $4000 pesos. Other visas you will have to go through your local Dominican Consualte (work, residency etc)

Weather that time of year is warm/hot and always a chance of a tropical shower.

Bob K

Bob K thank you for the info, my plan is to go there for several month, from november 2016.
I am designer Graphic retired, danish nationality.
Can you recomend me an area, safe. With sports facilities Tennis etc. Punto Cana or centro.
Also I would be looking for a studio, furnished WiFi important.
Hope to talk to you later. Loujac

First welcome to the forums. Bob gave you good info so far.

Start reading the various topics and learn about the country. To find a place to live in that area - Punta Cana - start searching online.  Those will be winter tourist accommodations and they get booked quickly.

You say Punta Cana or Centro - what does that mean? Centro what?

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