Can I Use The 40,000 After I Deposit It

Hello everyone my name is Travis from New Orleans. I'm 43, single, and looking several years ahead toward my future. I was thinking about retiring in Thailand and then I saw Mauritius walk out in the olympics beginning  ceremony and decided to look into it. I was like wow what a beautiful place. I've been looking at Google images ever since. So i'm grateful I found this forum. I've also been doing some reading trying to understand certain things. My first question is about the retirement visa. I would like to know if after I deposit the 40,000 for the first year can I spend any of it and make sure it's 40,000 again for the second year and also for third year? Or does it have to be a total of 80,000 in the bank for the second year and a total of 120,000 in the bank for the third year? I hope my question isn't confusing and I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi Travis. This is Sue from San Francisco. These are exactly the questions I have been pondering the last few months and I have really good info for you. Do you want to send me an email at sue underscore ring at yahoo dot com? Not many Americans know about Mauritius so I was excited to see your post here!!


Thanks for response Sue. I sent email


The main point about the retirement visa is that you have to show proof of a transfer of at least $40,000 annually to a local bank account.
You can use only part of the money but the balance cannot be remitted back to your home country or any other country.

You can contact the Board of Investment for more precise information. Here are the details: … ed2014.pdf

Thanks for your response and the pdf.

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