Sea turtles

Is Culebra the only place for sea turtles?

Not at all! The nests are all over PR. We have 2 waiting to hatch at the end of our street in Condado :)

I seen them when snorkeling at Steps beach in Rincon.  Don't think they're all that uncommon here.

I've seen them over at Escambrón Beach in San Juan over by the Scuba Dogs practice area as well.

Thanks I may not have to try a catch the ferry after all. If we do try the ferry what is the best day to get tickets

Suzanne 12345, where are the nests in your area? Our 3 year-old daughter was eagerly helping us watch 2 nests here in Isla Verde, only to have the turtles hatch while we were in California!!

Weekdays are best for the ferry, but get there early, those that live in the islands have priority.

1 e book I downloaded said the sweet spot for the ferry was 445 am for same day tickets

Sea turtles are all around.  Protecting them is a big deal. Where I am, there is even a 'lights out' along the beachfront so the baby turtles do not get confused as to which direction they should go after they hatch.

I think that will be the highlight  of the trip for Lexie. Yes I know you can not touch them or do anything with them.

In PR you and Lexie will be exposed to all sorts of creatures, some you will like and some you wont.

She is not fond of snakes.  After living in Tx, La, and now Ga bugs don't really bother us.

we do have bugs!  not many snakes, at least I haven't run into any.

That good as far as other critters  we just try to leave them alone .

There are iguanas everywhere. At night, in my neighborhood there are lots of frogs and they eat the mosquitoes.

Would not want an iguana as a pet, but they are cool. Frogs are cool too. The createares were there before people moved there.

Some where, some where brought to the island like the iguanas. They are a major pest. Our Coqui which is a tree frog is native to PR, we say..... I am as Puerto Rican as the Coqui. However it was somehow introduced into Hawaii and they have more Coqui than PR, they consider it a pest and sometimes property values go down in Hawaii if the area has Coquis due to the noise. Weird, we love to sleep listening to the crickets and Coqui. They hate it.

So the iguanas are not native to the island?  When I was on GUAM it was considered  good luck to have a gecko in your house. We are not city and like the sounds of animals and stars. Lexie goes thru about 100# of bird seed a month.

In the island of Mona (west of main island) there is an indigenous iguana that only exist there and it is different. The one in the main island is probably imported from pet shops at least 50 years ago and is very prolific. Some are capturing them and selling the meat is South America where it is considered a delicacy. I am aware of only 1 restaurant in PR that has served it. Most in PR will not try it. It has been eating crops so farmers don't like it either.

We don't eat strange things either. Chicken, some fish, shrimp, pork and beef that's about it for meat

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