Rights of women married to egyptian man in Egpyt

Hi! I am filipina married to an egyptian muslim man.
Does our marriage counted in the court of law in Egypt as I got pregnant first and we got married in my country 2months before giving birth?

How true that a foreign wife can't leave Egpyt unless the egyptian husband gives permit or approval?

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Did you legalize your marriage in Egypt?

Hi Amina! No I dont think he legalize our marriage in Egypt. Because when we went there 2014 in Menofiya we only went for 1month vacation. Not sure though what and how do they do the legalization of marriage there.
I try any possible site to make a research and be aware. As I am experiencing physical and emotional abuse from him sadly in front of my kids. Then finally I filed a report in the police station here in Bahrain last june16 2016 but i ended up giving him another chance for the sake of our kids. And the police told me that in case u would try to beat me again they will arrest him.
However he is telling me his plan to go back and have another vacation in Egypt but there are alot of things that scares me. As when we were there he slso beat me up even while his mom was trying to stop him.
Please any suggestions or insight will help. Thank you

Don't go to Egypt as you don't get the kids when you want to leave Egypt.  You need his written permission. Apparently your marriage is not legalised so it doesn't exist in Egypt. 

As he's abusive to you , I would try to find a way to stop this. Try to find a women shelter and ask advice what to do and what your rights are.

Wish you all the best and hold on!!!

I agree with Primadonna... do not go!
...if your marriage is not valid in Egypt you have no any relation for him there. But... there is any way much more complicated and you should investigate it deeper.

And one more doctor and as woman I want to tell you something... if your man try to abuse you it is better to get red of him. If he did it once he will never stop. For kids will be better to do not see him rather than see what he is doing with you.

Wish you all the best.

Thank you so much Primadonna and Amina your words are deeply appreciated.

as far as i know , if your marriage certicates are issued in phillipines , you should legalize it from egyptian embassy in phillipines before using it here

i am sorry to hear about the story of beating .......  i hope situation get calm soon ....

please try being  patient and dont take critical decisions at time of anger  , and do your best in solving the troubles of misunderstandings

inshaa allah , troubles will be finished soon

I totally agree with Amina and Primadonna
Don't go to Egypt and leave him
He's no good, if he has no respect for the woman who raised him ( his mother) he won't respect you
Make sure that your children have the Philipin passport as a sorce of protection because for what ever reason if they come to Egypt and something happenes ( God forbiden) you can refer to the embassy
Live your life in happiness no one deserves to live in fear or scared

As a foreigners lawyer in Egypt facing same issues daily
U can't leave egypt with kids unless husband accepts.
If u are Christian and your husband died.his family will kick u off and u won't have any rights unless u are a musleman.
If u have kids. They can inherit.
Unless your husband writes a will keep u something to live in.appartment or so.
There are many ways to resolve family law cases and egypt and in case any expat needs help please let me know.

,how much do you charge for wills etc?

Well I take cases from a to z
Who needs to write a will? Your husband to u,that means he will come with you.
Anyway. Contracts and so one may mother cost you more than 300$ in dollars.
For writing a property on your name there is a tax around 2.5 to 3 %to be paid at registration on totally contract amount.
For inheritance and managing your properties and money and going to court if you are away from cairo,checking inheritance,Islam certificate,resiendency should have a residency address.
Full fight UNTILL airport it will cost you from 5000-10000 $ in dollars. Full cases  includes,will.divorce.3 cases at court,,documents registry and legalize and translation,banking court expert for separating properties.its a long story.
Any way cases differ and no cash is taken for no reason in my case.
Most of all. I assure good results for my clients.
That's why Iam getting good fees.
Other lawyers charge only and result is unknown.
In my case if I can't I don't
And if u can idont.

Every case different from an expat.ill consult you free of charge as Iam doing,even I'll give you all steps.
As my fees, you are not in cairo.means travelling to countryside.munufeya,police station.court dates,translation is in cairo. And legalization in n.embassy.the cost is mostly in runnings and days away from cairo court costs around 500-700 Egyptian pound.
Away from that in countryside people knows everything and words are passing through if want to meet a guy in munufeya better to be in the train to cairo or bus😀
We talk and we will see
Money comes and goes.but life no

Nah you can leave as long as he doesn't go to court for it. But I highly recommend you to get your child Philippines nationality and the passport

Hi im quite new here,im married to an egyptian man about 4 years already,we got married here in saudi arabia,kindly if you can share to me which office or ministry in egypt we can legalize our marraige because its very hassle to obtain tourist visa everytime i need to go egypt!
Thanks alot

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