Reg. Removal of employment BAN in OMAN

Dear Sumitran sir,
Im hearing that by this Dec-2016, Employment ban will be removed and expat's can change their employment as per their wish n opportunities comes across.
As i had been back to IND last year-sept-2015, n waiting for employment @ OMAN/Muscat.
Pls provide Info. on the same.

Thanking you
Reddy T.L.N

Hi T.L.N.Reddy,

Pretty much every single Asian expatriate working in the Sultanate is hoping for this draconian law to be abolished with immediate effect !

Numerous rumors keep doing the rounds as to when this rule will go.

But the government has remained tight-lipped about this. In fact, the last statement which came out officially said that there is going to be no re look at this law.

So till something is announced officially, no one can say for sure when this law will be abolished - if at all.

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