Work Permit Transfer

Hi All,

I recently returned back to India after my onsite assignment in Malaysia but I didn't cancel my WP before travelling back to my Native as it was sudden travel plan.

Now that I have got another opportunity in Malaysia , is it possible to transfer my work permit from my old company to my new company ? If so what is the process ?

Has your old pass expired?

No , It is not .

Come back to malaysia and cancel your old pass. Your new pass will not be approved until u cancel the existing one and you need a letter of release from.your previous company

Ho Ok. But, is it not possible to cancel EP from India ? Why to travel back to Malaysia to cancel?

I think you cant cancel it from India, because they need your passport to put cancel stamp on your Visa sticker.
Or you can wait till the visa expires....

You can not cancel in India. Your ep was done in malaysia. You hv to submit your passport to immigration.

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