learning english


I'm looking to find foreign for maybe for chat and make friend , i am really to learn Engling.

Thanks !

Hi Giang!

Would be delighted to meet you in Hanoi when I get there next week. I am an English Teacher from the Philippines. Tell me more about yourself so that I'll get to know you better.

See yah!

By the way my name is Cherry. Pleased to meet you  :)

Morning !

I am 40 years old, with hahe three children, two daughter and one son.
I am building engineer, now i am working for contruction building company.
This time i have project for Japan company, it need to use English that is the way
i want to improve my English. I am busy but glad to meet you in HaNoi.
Thanks !

Pleasure to meet you!

Hello Giang :)

Nice to meet you also. No worries, we can certainly  chat when I arrive there in Hanoi. Thanks!

How are you, to day ?
and some thing about you more ?
Where will you live in Hanoi ?

Hello everyone,

@ Gianghn, could you please drop an advert in the dedicated section, Language classes in Hanoi so that interested members may contact you ?

Furthermore, if you wish to chat, it will be more convenient to do so through the private messaging system. Click on the member's avatar > Send a message.

All the best,

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