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Hi guys,
I am writing a blog specializing in legal matters which expats have to face while living in Vietnam. I intend to write several topic with one of your real legal concern and recommendation for your case from some lawyers I have been cooperating with.
If you wish, be free to send me your story. It would be my pleasure to help you sort out your mess. Also, you should be noticed that I am not gonna demand for pay, in fact, I want my blog to be practical and full of joy so that you could follow Vietnamese law and regulations easily.
Thank you. If you need to know my email and blog, leave your request in comment section.

It is best if you ask people to send you a PM (Private Message).  That way you can stay inside the rules.  Sounds like you could be helpful.  Sometimes expats really don't even know where to start in legal matters.  Its not that we refuse to pay a lawyer but sometimes we really don't know where to begin.   :/

Dear friend,
Thanks for reminding me, I really appreciate it. I'll be careful then since they did remove my post yesterday.
I get your point, even Vietnamese don't know where to start when it comes to law or dispute. One of my supervisor suggests writing about work permit for foreigners but I do not want to write exactly what the law states. I would prefer my post to be more specific. For example, my teacher of english asked me to review her employment contract. Also, I gave her advice on making claim for insurance.
Absolutely you could tell me your problem. It is my job to define legal matters within your story. Do not worry about it.

If you want to do it that way, you can do it like a Q&A blog. Every day, you will collect questions from people and create blog answering all questions in weekends. At first, if there is not enough questions, you can choose out the most common issue in legal to talk about. Good luck!

Just my 2 cents!

If you need a website for your blog and business, please contact me :D

I need to contact you to find answers to my queries.
Thank you

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