Conversion of Evisa to Work Visa

Hi there,
I landed in Bahrain on a 14 days e-visit visa on July month end and extended to another 14 days . In the meanwhile I have got a job in a well-known company here in Bahrain and I have signed the offer letter. the company asked me to submit my passport for visa processing which I did last Tuesday on 9th August, however I am still not getting a proper update from the HR department. They just say that their manager will call and they have applied for processing on Monday (15th). When I ask for further details as how many days it would take as my Evisa is going to expire on 21st of this month and I don’t want to stay illegally in the country, they say they are aware and hang up the phone. I’m confused as I’m unable to check the status on LMRA website via passport number. Please suggest what should I do.

Things go slowly in this part of the world .
Have patience .

Meanwhile keep checking in the LMRA E-Services using your passport to see if anything has been updated .

Hey gunner757 thanks for replying back :)

I checked online Via passport# in LMRA website unable to find any records. I even called at the LMRA contact centre, they are unable to find any details either.

I called up in the company office today and spoke to one of the officials, he said that it's taking up some time from the LMRA end due to system issues or some backlog, probably even he has no proper information.

My concern over here is .. I'll be running out of my visiting visa status on 21st (this Sunday) ..  so is there anything to worry ? .. further I can't go to passport office to extend my visa because technically my passport is with the company who are in the process of getting me a work permit. So what do I do in this situation as company HR are not really helpful :( ? Help appreciated.


According to LMRA, the company must extend your visit visa if they are applying for work visa. I believe as long the company has actually applied for your visa and its in process you dont need to worry and as gunner mentioned things move at a very slow pace here.


Hey logicalIndian....
This post was a great relief.. and reading it written on the LMRA website :) phewwww  ... I was almost on my panick mode for the last couple of days with so many random things on my mind ... Thanks guys for your support and the response ...  :gloria

is there any difference between tourist and visit visa in bahrain?
will both of it can transfer to a working visa?
i already finished my 2years contract in bahrain and curretly im on visit visa but my status online is tourist visa. my cpr is still valid.
because im totally confused now, the company that provide me a job, already apply my papers but the immigration rejected it twice.
i checked my visa status online as well as on lmra website, my name is already under the company but it said that the employment visa is not valid.

what im i going to do?
thanks for the help.


You cannot work under any kind of visit/tourist visa it must be first changed to work visa. I believe that if it says employment visa is not valid under LMRA web then it is considered illegal, you better speak to your current employer and get it fixed, there could be many reason for rejection unfortunately other than your employer no one else will be able to know about it.

good luck

Thanks for the info.
Actually sir,  it is still on the process of transferring the visa.
My question is that the visit visa and tourist visa is the same or not?
Because my copy stated that my visa is visit.  But when I checked it online it says tourist.

And I talked to my employer,  what was the problem regarding my papers being rejected by immigration,  they also don't know exactly what was the reason.  How come? They gave option is either that tourist visa is not allowed to be employ in the bahrain or i have previous descrepancies in my previous employer. That's why I keep wondering if I will continue my application to them or I will seek another job because time is running.


It should make a difference, your employer should be able to convert any type of visa to a work visa.  The only thing to remember is you need to have a work visa/resident permit to work. I think your records with LMRA have not been cleared properly because as you mentioned you had disputes with your previous employer. I think you should clear your records first and then apply for another job if your thinking about it or else there will be issues again.

good luck

hello sir,
i checked my status on lmra and i dont have any problem with my previous employer. my employer now process my papers  it stated that my position now is under my current employer now, but one thing im confused of is that the 'employment is not valid'

my employer said that they dont know why the immigration rejected my paper twice.
thats my problem.

thank you sir for response.

If your current employer has told you that they are processing your records, then all you can do is wait and hopefully everything will be ok.

Good luck


Hey there ..
I need an advise, today (21st August) my visa got rejected = (legal status- expired employment visa). However the company insisted that I stay here for another 2-3 days and they would be applying again for a fresh visa tomorrow and hopefully I should get through the application this time. Further, in the LMRA website and also via the company account, they don't have any information as to why my visa for rejected.
I called the LMRA customer service and they informed me that LMRA has no problem with the visa but it got rejected due to "immigration" (but no further information).
Meanwhile the travel agent who issued my visa are constantly forcing me to exit the country, I am ready to exit but my passport is still with the company. Tomorrow I will be calling the travel agent and asking an exemption for 3 days and if visa is still rejected I will pay the fine and return back to my home country.
I need to know how much and where should I go to pay the fine in order to exit the country in the next 3 days.
What are the other possible solutions through which my visa would be accepted knowing that the LMRA customer service has told me that it got rejected due to immigration. However, I am still unable to understand why the Immigration issue, it is the first time I have ever travelled abroad and out of India.

If you are within the LMRA system then you have no problem , we normally wait for about two weeks before we get the call and go to LMRA for finger printing and Medical.
It is not the HR department now it is with the agent or LMRA .

On another note if HR department is pulling the phone down on you that could be worrying.Which company is it ? that you have just joined.

Go to HR and check for the  status .

Once you are in the LMRA system the expiry date on your e visa runs under the company responsibility so dont worry.

An over stay is 40bd per month with a fine , but you will be ok, the letter of offer is a legal documentation that states you are waiting for the company to proceed,

Remember this is Bahrain nothing happens here straight away

Today morning I checked on LMRA and the legal status shows as : Employment Visa is in Progress.

THERE YOU GO , it will take now 4 to 10 days for everything, then the medical and the finger prints , just let them do there works now , don't worry

what was the meaning of  "employment visa is not valid"?
i checked my status in lmra site and that is the one stated but i am already under the company's name that i applied for 2 weeks ago.

still the company dont know the reason as to why my papers got rejected by immigration. the said to me that they process my papers but they will not give assurance if they will give a visa.
do i need to ask them for my application number, because my friend is willing to help me with this, having a friend who is an agent also want to know what was the real problem on it.

as well as if im still not yet employed to the company because the visa is still unknown, its okay for me to seek another job because my visit visa is nearly will get expire and im confused and frustrated right now.

thanks for the response.
much appreciated.

There is only two reasons why it was refused  1] is that you have a case on you, 2] the company has been refused for outstanding debts .

Right i have now read you last but one comment ,yes the company can reapply  for you but again if it get rejected then you must leave the company will have to deal with this additional cost, it sounds like there is a problem with the company , who is the company

I spoke to my employer and they have re-applied for a fresh visa which shows as : Employment Visa is in Progress.
However they told me the visa got rejected was due to the sponsor who issued a visiting visa has security problems and a question mark.
Because of this reason my visa was rejected from the immigration end.
I'm just waiting and praying for things to go right in my way.

thanks for the response.

my question is, if i have a case on it, it will gonna reflect on my status in lmra  and they will detect before hand and will not grant my visit visa at first right?

Ok ,that is what i said the company had the problem [the sponsor who issued the visit visa].
If it is in progress again 4 to 10 days , if it get rejected again because of the first case then yes the company will have to clear the overdue issues with the first sponsor.
It maybe that you have to fly to Dubai and return , but the company will do this cost for you

Check every day in the mornings only LMRA closes at 1.30

Good Luck

No a traffic offence  will not affect the visa if you find a new job , the only time that it will affect the visa is if you do not pay the fine, remember traffic offences are criminal in Bahrain. You will also have trouble now  applying for the licence in Bahrain

Hi logicalindian

     Good day i just want to ask about 2weeks visit visa that transfer into work.i've been here in bahrain since sept 20.i applied in a company then sudenly they said that the immigration rejected the aplication.then i extend it again for 2 weeks and again it rejected.they didnt tell whats the reason i finish almost my 2 weeks extension i found the sponsor that can process my visa.but sudenly again its rejected .still waiting for the reason why its been rejected .my extension will be end by this nov.15.and im really worried

sorry to hear about the situation,  you need to speak to your employer and see what can be done, explain them the situation.

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