Buying flat in Temara (Rabat) or nearby

Hi all !!!! Hoping someone can give advice about flats in Temara and region -- we're looking to buy there.
What are the best areas for a budget buy (calm, safe and not too expensive either) not too far from train station? Anything specific to flag for foreign buyers planning to buy a flat in morocco in general - something to watch out for in buying process etc. ?
It would be great to hear as well from foreigners who bought in morocco even if not in Temara and how easy and smooth the process was overall....Thanks a lot in advance

Hi , just something I learnt if you transfer money into morocco from abroad, register it with the authorities, then if you want to sell later and take your money back out of Morocco you can. Otherwise I don't think you can. Hope it goes well with getting a place . Rabat is nice - good choice

Thanks a lot Goldkhalifa --- is the registration process straight forward?

Yes I think so, just difficult if you don't. Just what I read

Hi Nadia,

here, you can have an idea about rental prices and sales of flats in Temara

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