Would it be easier for me from Kosovo to move/migrate to Canada?

Hi. I'm Besarta from Kosovo and im interested to have more information about finding a job and moving permanently to Canada. Due to a low economic developement in my country where more than 40% of people live with less than 1€ per day, it has become very hard to find a secure job. This also because if a lot of corruption and nepotism going in our institutions. I'm very interested to know more about my opportunities? What would it take? How long? What way?

Thank you in advance.

Hello Besarta :cheers:

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Sad to read the situation in your country.

To know if you are eligible to immigrate to Canada, I would advise you to check out from the official website :

They are open to skilled immigration. You can check your eligibility here :

I strongly suggest to read our articles here below :

Living in Canada Expat Guide.


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