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Hello everyone!!

So I'm sure this isn't the first or will be the last thread about this subject but here it goes. Me and my family have recently talked about taking on this new adventure and moving from Canada to the middle east, likely Qatar. My wife worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia almost 10 years ago now and she absolutely loved it but moved back to Canada after 1 year. We met shortly after she returned and started a family recently but she has always talked about going back or how she would go back at the drop of a hat. I have never lived outside Canada but have always been intrigued by the idea of moving to the middle east and love the idea of trying new things and experiencing new cultures. Im just looking at information or stories from people in my position, having never lived outside of their home country but took the leap and their experiences of living with their families in a new country in the middle east. I think I am totally on board with going but would just like some personal stories of the good and bad about living in Qatar. Would you go again knowing what you know now? would you take that leap?



Dear brother,

I am Mohammad, from India, living in Qatar for about 37 years, I was small when I arrived here, in Doha, I feel, this is the most secure, the safest and one of the best locations in  the world for hardworking and sincere people.

You and your family can come and work here, hopefully Hamad Medical Corporation shall absorb your wife as a staff in HMC. You can also try for a job as per your qualifications and experience.

You can try Qatari jobs in google, any help from my side you can contact on xxx

Wish you all the best,


Mohammad Abdullah

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