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i'm looking for job in new Zealand but i don't have job offer how i can get work visa without job offer and i will search by myself there about work

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I suggest you read the Work visas in New Zealand article of the Expat Guide to gather some information.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to drop a "looking for" advert in the Jobs in New Zealand section along with your cv so as you may get an opportunity.

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Hello, how r u

thank's so much about ur advice but i have question
if i will travel to new zealand by visit visa and after that i get work can change it to work visa


Visa status cannot be changed whilst in country. If you find a job you will have to go back to your home country for the application to be processed.

You can apply for a working holiday visa which allows you to work for the duration of the visa.

Taken from experience of my son,he came to NZ hoping to get a job then get a work visa afterwords,he had a lot of interviews but was told time and time again,no work visa no job.! However he persevered and got a job with  what you would call a dodgy company . When he applied for his work visa ,immigration spotted his wages were $10000 below the job grade and wanted to know why, so the company was forced to increase his pay or be fined for breaking employment laws. They increased his wages because the company finds it difficult to keep people, I wonder why. Bottom line is there is a lot of good companies out there but there are rogues and they will rip you off..

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