Best mobile carriers

Hi everyone!

As I am preparing my move in 2 weeks, I wanted to find out which mobile carriers are the best for expats. I'm looking for a complete deal when I get my Thai SIM card: calls, data, long distance, etc.

Any recommendations on who I should talk to first once I arrive? Any good deals currently out there?

I will be bringing my Samsung S6 edge with me and do not need a new phone with long term contract. Just a really solid plan.

Hi Nicholas5,

Welcome on board  :)

You will find some valuable information by reading the following thread : Making phone calls in Thailand

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Thanks Bahvna, very helpful. Especially about the info concerning long distance calls. I found a great link that breaks down data, mobile and combo plans per operator. I found this very useful: … -thailand/

Personally, I think getting a data only pla  and then just paying for the rare phonecall is best, it's pennies per minute!

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