UK citizens resident in Romania. what documents do we need to marry?

We've lived here for 4 years & want to marry locally. I cannot fathom either from the Internet or British Embassy website exactly what documents we need. Can't ask at the Town Hall because no-one speaks English & don't want to ask the odd person who speaks English in our village - because they all assume we are married! I know we'll need to have a translator for the wedding but if anyone has the list of required documents we'd be very grateful.


No first-hand experience, but I found this. Basically you need all the docs a Romanian would need plus a few extras or equivalent translated documents. I'm sure a married expat can give you more details, but till then:


Here you'll find the documents you need (but it's in Romanian). You'll have to speak to the mayor as he needs to give his blessing to marry in his jurisdiction, or permission to marry outside it. You also need the marriage licence application form and a few other things so I think you'll have to get yourself a translator and go to the town hall to start the ball rolling.

In addition, as foreigners, you'll need the following:

-Certified copy of the foreigner birth certificate with a notarized translation in Romania (obtained from a Romanian notary) or, if the birth certificate is not available, a notarized statement given at a Romanian notary public summarizing the data in the foreigner's passport and including the parents' names (accepting such a statement in place of a birth certificate is at the discretion of the Romanian authorities).
-Notarized statement (affidavit) that the foreigner citizen is free to marry, obtained at the foreigner's Embassy in Romania.
-Prenuptial Certificate (Health Certificate) obtained from a clinic in the city where your marriage will take place.
-Certified copy of proof of the termination of any and all previous marriages, with a translation in Romanian (i.e. divorce/annulment decrees, death certificates).

To be honest, as they'll probably have to publish the banns at the town hall, chances are that your cover is going to be blown. Once one person at the town hall knows, the whole village knows! I don't even live in my village full time and I generally hear about everything and everyone.

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